The Perfect Start System (Healthy Start®) is Effective in Addressing Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children (2014)

Research by Clinical Focus

“The Healthy Start System is a series of specially designed appliances that are provided to help promote proper breathing habits. The system addresses mouth breathing, an open- bite, narrow palate, sucking and swallowing problems, and speech difficulties. The system prevents the mandible from slipping posteriorly while sleeping which stops the snoring, maintains an open airway, and can prevent many of the symptoms of sleep disordered breathing.

“The advancement of the mandible can stimulate 54% more mandibular growth when compared to a similar control sample from 5 to 8 years of age. The Healthy StartTM treatment moves the lower jaw in an anterior direction in the proper amount while also advancing the tongue. The Healthy Start System has the effect of increasing the pharyngeal space between the base of the tongue and the posterior wall of the pharyngeal airway.”

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