Dr. Bergersen HealthyStart™ Denver Lecture: Bed Wetting

Lecture in Denver, Bed Wetting in older patients

Is it normal or common to have a Bed Wetting case stretch into the late teens? Well, it may not be, but it does happen and in more families than you might guess, it goes on into the grade school years. The number is 18%. That is almost 1 in 5 children, grade school age quietly suffering the challenge of something beyond their control- it is not their fault.

HealthyStart™ has THE ANSWER! Once our appliance stays in all night, which happens in days or in some cases a few weeks- the bed wetting stops!

Success and joy for the whole family that lovingly suffers with the child. Call now- we do have the ANSWER and it is passive, drug free, painless and this change represents the impact our treatment provides. For the full story, 1-844-Kid-Healthy Let us help you find a provider and answers today!

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