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Click 2 Houston – HealthyStart™ straightens teeth in a whole new way!

Meet Shanice.  She is having her teeth straightened in a whole new way, without braces. Instead, Shanice is having her teeth straightened through The HealthyStart™ System, using a series of soft, removable oral appliances that may be worn at night instead of all the time.

“To have traditional braces you are talking about ,000 for roughly 24 months in bands, but the Healthy Start System is ,750, so there is a substantial savings here,” says Sadler.

Shanice has been using the Healthy Start System for one year, and she says her teeth are straighter.
She says her face is also more slender.
But what Shanice likes best is that she can take the device out of her mouth when she goes to school and to parties.


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