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Dr. Diana Batoon, DMD of Bonita Dental talks about HealthyStart™ on Sonoran Living

Dr. Diana Batoon, DMD of Bonita Dental talks about HealthyStart on Sonoran Living in Phoenix, Arizona this morning!

How well do our children sleep at night?  As parents we probably really do not know.  Breakthrough studies have revealed that parents and professionals can look for outward symptoms such as bed-wetting, ADD/ADHD like behaviors, teeth grinding, mouth breathing, etc.  to provide clues.  Healthy Start system allows specialized providers to identify these outward symptoms and evaluate a child for the underlying root causes.  Healthy Start treatment is non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive which targets the root causes; a compromised airway, a narrow palate, jaw relationship, and mouth breathing all while straightening your child’s teeth without braces.


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